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PostSubject: Killstreaks   Killstreaks I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 08, 2011 8:25 pm

Spy Plane

The most common Killstreak in the game. If your familiar with the recon plane on World at War, and the UAV on Modern Warfare 2, its basically the same thing as both. The Spy Plane shows where all enemy personel are located throughout the map. This only lasts for thirty seconds. The only con about this killstreak is that it can be shot down very easily. It takes one rocket to shoot down. The Spy Plane comes as the default first killstreak.

3 kills


The RC-XD is pretty self-explanitory. The RC-XD is a remote controlled (RC) car that has explosives strapped to it. This is probably the most unique killstreak added. The RC-XD is drivable for a short amount of time, when the timer is done (if you havent exploded it yet) it will explode by itself. But you can also explode it by yourself if you do it before the timer counts down. This killstreak can be very useful on campers also. Just like the Spy Plane, it can be destroyed. The only way to destroy it is by shooting it as it approaches you, throwing a SEMTEX at it (almost impossible), or by throwing a grenade at it. If you can't destroy it, there is not much you can do.

1200 cP
3 kills

Counter Spy Plane

The Counter Spy Plane is the opposite of a Spy Plane. This killstreak will jam enemy radar for thirty seconds, and will prevent the enemies Spy Plane from working. This plane can also be shot down easily. Even though this killstreak isn't commonly used, it can be very useful and have a big benefit on your team.

1600 cP
4 kills

SAM Turret

The SAM Turret is a new killstreak also. Just like the Sentry Gun, you can place it wherever you like. The SAM (Surface-To-Air Missle) Turret destroys enemy aircraft within seconds. Unfortunately, the turret can be destroyed easily.

1600 cP
4 kills

Care Package

The Care Package is a great offensive killstreak. When you recieve your five kills, you throw the grenade marker where you want your package to be dropped. A helicopter will fly into the map and drop the package where your marker grenade is. It will reward you with a random killstreak or ammo. Here are the chances of you getting the killstreaks:

Ammo Crate: 20%
Spy Plane: 15%
Counter Spy Plane: 15%
RC-XD: 9%
Grim Reaper: 5%
Mortar Team: 5%
SAM Turret: 5%
Sentry Gun: 5%
Rolling Thunder: 3%
Valkyrie Rockets: 3%
Napalm Strike: 3%
Blackbird: 3%
Attack Helicopter: 3%
Death Machine: 2%
Chopper Gunner: 2%
Attack Dogs: 1%

5 kills

Napalm Strike

The Napalm Strike is very useful. It is a great killstreak on small maps. On bigger maps, you have a lesser chance of you getting more kills. The Napalm Strike Will cover an area of your desire in hot fire. If an enemy player walks into the fire, they will die within seconds. If the bomb lands on them, they will die instantly.

2400 cP
5 kills

Sentry Gun

The Sentry Gun is a robotic machine gun that can be placed where you want it. Almost like a Care Package, a helicopter will come in the map and drop the crate where your marker is. Then like a SAM Turret, it can be placed where you want it. The Sentry Gun has a camera on top so it will shoot an enemy that is within range. It is very similiar to the Death Machine, just placed on a tripod and robotic. The Sentry Gun can be destroyed easily just by throwing a simple frag or SEMTEX grenade, or just by simply knifing the gun from behind. Placing the gun on high grounds, or in the corner of a map makes good use for them. If the gun has not been destroyed, it will go away on its own within a period of time.

3200 cP
6 kills

Mortar Team

The Mortar Team allows you to set 3 distinct location to bombard with mortars. Sometimes the strength of this killstreak isn't good. Sometimes you may get no kills, sometimes you may get a lot of kills. This killstreak can be very useful on campers, as well as other game modes such as Search and Destroy, and Capture the Flag. With a Spy Plane or Blackbird, this killstreak can be very lethal.

3200 cP
6 kills

Attack Helicopter

Pretty straight forward, the Attack Helicopter is a very useful killstreak. When earning the killstreak, you can place it whereever you like on the map. The helicopter will target an enemys that come within range of the Machine gun attached to it. The Attack Helicopter can also be shot down. The first shot of the rocket, it will deploy flares and move away from the incoming rocket. Because the helicopter has used its flares, the next rocket is the one to destroy it. Overall, it takes 2 shots to kill, If you are behind the helicopter and it doesnt see you, it is possible to destroy it in one shot.

7 kills

Valkyrie Rockets

This killstreak gives you a deployable and controllable rockets to unleash upon your enemies. When used, you fly the rocket from its base and control it where you want to bombard enemies with it. This killstreak can come in handy for clearing rooms, campers, and snipers. Very unique killstreak. The Valkyrie Rockets are basically a Predator Missle, and a Javelin Missle combined into one. Overall, this killstreak is very useful and helps against campers and can come in handy snipers.

4000 cP
7 kills


The Blackbird is a very useful killstreak. After earning it, you call it in and it will give you the location and direction of enemies, similiar to the Spy Plane. The Blackbird can not be shot down and no perks can counter-act it. Incredibly useful overall.

4500 cP
8 kills

Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder is a great offensive killstreak. It allows you to carpet bomb an area of your liking. In small maps such as Nuketown, sometimes this killstreak is so destructive, it can kill the whole enemy team. With a Spy plane this killstreak is proably the most dominate of all killstreaks. This killstreak can come in handy on Demolition and Capture the Flag.

4500 cP
8 kills

Chopper Gunner

Chopper Gunner allows you to fly in a helicopter and shoot enemies with a machine gun. Although, you do not have the ability to control the Helicopter, you can only control the gun. Because of the massive recoil and the helicopter moving at one time, this can frequently be very difficult.

5000 cP
9 kills

Attack Dogs

Attack Dogs are probably the most viscious killstreak in the game. The dogs are very tough to dealwith if you are the enemy. The attack dogs will jump on you and bite you. Within seconds, your already dead. It is possible to kill them however by shooting them, or throwing a grenade at them. It is possible to knife them as they approach, but this is very difficult.

6000 cP
11 Kills


The last unlockable killstreak available. Gunship allowes you to pilot an attack helicopter. The difference between Gunship, and Chopper Gunner is that you have the ability to control the helicopter, the machine gun, and rockets. This killstreak can be remarkably powerful in the game. The only down side of this killstreak is that it is very simple to shoot down, if the operator is not shooting at you.

6000 cP
11 kills

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