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 Most Destructive Codes for MOH Series

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Graphix Artist
Graphix Artist

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Join date : 2011-02-01

PostSubject: Most Destructive Codes for MOH Series   Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:39 pm

ULUS-10310 Medal of Honor Heroes 2

#Rocket/Nade Heat Seaker
;Credit: -LeetGamer-
;Rocket/Nades teleport to all players.
;Rocket/Nade Coords by Notoripiz420
;Already have inf ammo, and explosives.
;Also have true ghost (by Notoriouz420)
;Aim into the sky for better use.
0x00080CBC 0x0a200500
0x00001400 0x3c080880
0x00001404 0x8d093ffc
0x00001408 0x15200004
0x00001410 0x3c0a08e2
0x00001414 0x354a86e0
0x00001418 0xad0a3ffc
0x0000141c 0x8d093ffc
0x00001420 0x8d290000
0x00001424 0x1120000c
0x0000142c 0x3c0a08e3
0x00001430 0x8d4a865c
0x00001434 0x8d4a0010
0x00001438 0x1140000e
0x00001440 0x8d2b0070
0x00001444 0x8d2c0074
0x00001448 0x8d2d0078
0x0000144c 0xad4bfee8
0x00001450 0xad4cfeec
0x00001454 0xad4dfef0
0x00001458 0x8d093ffc
0x0000145c 0x21290004
0x00001460 0xad093ffc
0x00001464 0x8d290000
0x00001468 0x15200002
0x00001470 0xad003ffc
0x00001474 0x10000003
0x0000147c 0x03e00008
0x00001484 0x3c0808e3
0x00001488 0x3c090001
0x0000148c 0x35290001
0x00001490 0xad0969d8
0x00001494 0x3c0808a1
0x00001498 0x3c093c08
0x0000149c 0x3529c77a
0x000014a0 0xad09c944
0x000014a4 0x3c093508
0x000014a8 0x3529845c
0x000014ac 0xad09c948
0x000014b0 0x3c093c09
0x000014b4 0x35290001
0x000014b8 0xad09c94c
0x000014bc 0x3c093529
0x000014c0 0xad09c950
0x000014c4 0x3c09ae08
0x000014c8 0x352901fc
0x000014cc 0xad09c954
0x000014d0 0x3c09ae09
0x000014d4 0x35290228
0x000014d8 0xad09c958
0x000014dc 0x3c0803e0
0x000014e0 0x35080008
0x000014e4 0x3c090893
0x000014e8 0xad28a628
0x000014ec 0x3c090891
0x000014f0 0xad283b74
0x000014f4 0x03e00008

#Beast Mode [L+R - KILL]
;Hold L+R
;Activate instant Nades
;Throw and kill yourself
;Then activate this and Hold L+R
;To kill the person
0x00001000 0x3c1908a1
0x00001008 0x3c1808dd
0x0000100c 0x87183068
0x00001010 0x240f0300
0x00001018 0x130f0006
0x00001020 0x3c0e1000
0x00001024 0x25ce0008
0x00001028 0xaf2ecb68
0x0000102c 0x03e00008
0x00001034 0x3c0e0000
0x00001038 0x25ce0000
0x0000103c 0xaf2ecb68
0x00001040 0x03e00008
0x0016adc4 0x0a200400
0x0017E24C 0x03e00008

#Spread Nades [VIP Release]
;by RTCFlash
;cheat hz 15/1000
;turn on inside game
;turn off before leaving or joining another game
0xFFFFFFFF 0x00653784
0x0000066C 0xE19620AF
0x00000ACC 0xE19620AF
0x000017EC 0xE19620AF
0x0000250C 0xE19620AF
0x0000322C 0xE19620AF
0x00000B40 0x00640078
0x00001860 0x00640078
0x00002580 0x00640078
0x000032A0 0x00640078
0x00003FC0 0x00640078
0x00000AC8 0x3EF10000
0x000017E8 0x3EF10000
0x00002508 0x3EF10000
0x00003228 0x3EF10000
0x00003F48 0x3EF10000
0x00000ADC 0x3EF10000
0x000017FC 0x3EF10000
0x0000251C 0x3EF10000
0x0000323C 0x3EF10000
0x00003F5C 0x3EF10000
0x00000AD0 0x00000000
0x000017F0 0x00000000
0x00002510 0x00000000
0x00003230 0x00000000
0x00003F50 0x00000000
0x00000AF8 0x4F010000

;credit StR8KrAzY
0x00658264 0x496337DE

#Super Flash
;I Woudn't Reccommend
;Any Value Over
0x0016ADC0 0x3C044120

#Elivator Up/Down
;Walk through Walls
0x001BF714 0x0A383480
0x0060D200 0x3C0808E3
0x0060D204 0x8D0886DC
0x0060D208 0x3C093E80
0x0060D20C 0x3C0A3E80
0x0060D210 0x3C0B3E80
0x0060D214 0x3C0C08DD
0x0060D218 0x8D8C3068
0x0060D21C 0x240D0001
0x0060D220 0x158D000D
0x0060D224 0xC5020070
0x0060D228 0x44891800
0x0060D22C 0x46031100
0x0060D230 0xE5040070
0x0060D234 0xC5050074
0x0060D238 0x448A3000
0x0060D23C 0x460629C0
0x0060D240 0xE5070074
0x0060D244 0xC5080078
0x0060D248 0x448B4800
0x0060D24C 0x46094280
0x0060D250 0xE50A0078
0x0060D254 0x1000000E
0x0060D258 0x240D0080
0x0060D25C 0x158D000C
0x0060D260 0xC5020070
0x0060D264 0x44891800
0x0060D268 0x46031101
0x0060D26C 0xE5040070
0x0060D270 0xC5050074
0x0060D274 0x448A3000
0x0060D278 0x460629C1
0x0060D27C 0xE5070074
0x0060D280 0xC5080078
0x0060D284 0x448B4800
0x0060D288 0x46094281
0x0060D28C 0xE50A0078
0x0060D290 0x10000000
0x0060D294 0x3C0E1102
0x0060D298 0x35CE0344
0x0060D29C 0xAD0E0290
0x0060D2A0 0x3C0F3F80
0x0060D2A4 0x35EF0000
0x0060D2A8 0xAD0F0488
0x0060D2AC 0x3C1808A4
0x0060D2B0 0x3C193C04
0x0060D2B4 0x37390000
0x0060D2B8 0xAF19005C
0x0060D2BC 0x03E00008

#420 Package [Beta 1.5]
;Engage spectate L + Dpad^
;Eject Spectate L + Dpad \/
;shoot with R while in spectate
0x08880cbc 0x0a3914ec
0x088fd944 0x0e391480
0x00645204 0x27bdfff0
0x00645208 0xafa40004
0x0064520c 0xafa50008
0x00645210 0xafa6000c
0x00645214 0xafbf0010
0x00645218 0x3c0808dd
0x0064521c 0x8d093068
0x00645220 0x240a0110
0x00645224 0x240b0140
0x00645228 0x512a0022
0x0064522c 0xad0a5800
0x00645230 0x512b000b
0x00645234 0xad005800
0x00645238 0x3c190899
0x0064523c 0x3c181080
0x00645240 0x27180019
0x00645244 0xaf389acc
0x00645248 0x10000010
0x0064524c 0x00000000
0x00645250 0x24190001
0x00645254 0xaf19223c
0x00645258 0x1000fffb
0x0064525c 0x00000000
0x00645260 0x3c190899
0x00645264 0x3c181080
0x00645268 0x27180019
0x0064526c 0xaf389acc
0x00645270 0x2406ffff
0x00645274 0x24050000
0x00645278 0x3c0408e3
0x0064527c 0x8c8486dc
0x00645280 0x0e26193b
0x00645284 0x24840000
0x00645288 0x1000ffeb
0x0064528c 0x00000000
0x00645290 0x3c0f0898
0x00645294 0xade06fe4
0x0064529c 0x8fbf0010
0x006452a0 0x8fa6000c
0x006452a4 0x8fa50008
0x006452a8 0x8fa40004
0x006452ac 0x03e00008
0x006452b0 0x27bd0010
0x006452b4 0x3c1808e3
0x006452b8 0x8f1886dc
0x006452bc 0x1000ffe4
;TRF enabler [only active when in spectate]
0x006453b0 0x3c0808dd
0x006453b4 0x8d083068
0x006453b8 0x24090200
0x006453bc 0x15090007
0x006453c4 0x3c0a08a1
0x006453c8 0x3c0b2000
0x006453cc 0x256b0008
0x006453d0 0xad4bcb68
0x006453d4 0x10000005
0x006453dc 0x3c0a08a1
0x006453e0 0x3c0b1000
0x006453e4 0x256b0008
0x006453e8 0xad4bcb68
0x006453ec 0x03e00008
0x006453f4 0x3c1808e3
0x006453f8 0x27188758
0x006453fc 0x258f0010
0x00645400 0xadaf0008
0x00645404 0x1198ffe8
0x00645408 0x00000000
0x0064540c 0x1000ffe4
0x00645410 0x258c0004
0x08996620 0x0a38159e
0x08996624 0x00000000
0x08e05678 0x24840030
0x08e0567c 0x27a60040
0x08e05680 0x3c0808e0
0x08e05684 0x00804825
0x08e05688 0xad095674
0x08e0568c 0x3c0808e3
0x08e05690 0x8d0886dc
0x08e05694 0x8d090158
0x08e05698 0x11200009
0x08e056a0 0x3c0a08e0
0x08e056a4 0x8d4a5674
0x08e056a8 0x8d2b0060
0x08e056ac 0xad4b0000
0x08e056b0 0x8d2b0064
0x08e056b4 0xad4b0004
0x08e056b8 0x8d2b0068
0x08e056bc 0xad4b0008
0x08e056c0 0x0a26598a

#OSk/Force Death {Instant}
;L and all four dpad buttons give
;different effects
;one for allies
;one for axis
;one for both teams
;one for off on all
0x088fd694 0x0e381e40
0x00607900 0x27bdfff0
0x00607904 0xafa4000c
0x00607908 0xafbf0010
0x0060790c 0x3c1908dd
0x00607910 0x8f393068
0x00607914 0x24180110
0x00607918 0x240f0140
0x0060791c 0x240e0180
0x00607920 0x240d0120
0x00607924 0x13380009
0x0060792c 0x132f001a
0x00607934 0x132e002d
0x0060793c 0x132d0043
0x00607944 0x10000058
0x0060794c 0x3c0808e3
0x00607950 0x250986e0
0x00607954 0x8d2a0000
0x00607958 0x11400053
0x0060795c 0x00000000
0x00607960 0x3c0f0891
0x00607964 0x3c0eae00
0x00607968 0x35ce04b8
0x0060796c 0xadee4128
0x00607970 0xad090000
0x00607974 0x8d290000
0x00607978 0x0e245038
0x0060797c 0x25240000
0x00607980 0x3c0d08e3
0x00607984 0x8dac0000
0x00607988 0x25ab8758
0x0060798c 0x558bfff1
0x00607990 0x25890004
0x00607994 0x10000044
0x00607998 0x00000000
0x0060799c 0x3c0808e3
0x006079a0 0x250986e0
0x006079a4 0x8d2a0000
0x006079a8 0x1140003f
0x006079ac 0x00000000
0x006079b0 0x3c0f0891
0x006079b4 0x3c0ee60c
0x006079b8 0x25ce04b8
0x006079bc 0xadee4128
0x006079c0 0xad090000
0x006079c4 0x8d290000
0x006079c8 0x0e245038
0x006079cc 0x25240000
0x006079d0 0x3c0d08e3
0x006079d4 0x8dac0000
0x006079d8 0x25ab8758
0x006079dc 0x558bfff1
0x006079e0 0x25890004
0x006079e4 0x10000030
0x006079e8 0x00000000
0x006079ec 0x3c0808e3
0x006079f0 0x250986e0
0x006079f4 0x8d2a0000
0x006079f8 0x1140002b
0x006079fc 0x00000000
0x00607a00 0x8d4d0490
0x00607a04 0x24180001
0x00607a08 0x15b80027
0x00607a0c 0x00000000
0x00607a10 0x3c0f0891
0x00607a14 0x3c0eae00
0x00607a18 0x35ce04b8
0x00607a1c 0xadee4128
0x00607a20 0xad090000
0x00607a24 0x8d290000
0x00607a28 0x0e245038
0x00607a2c 0x25240000
0x00607a30 0x3c0d08e3
0x00607a34 0x8dac0000
0x00607a38 0x25ab8758
0x00607a3c 0x558bffed
0x00607a40 0x25890004
0x00607a44 0x10000018
0x00607a48 0x00000000
0x00607a4c 0x3c0808e3
0x00607a50 0x250986e0
0x00607a54 0x8d2a0000
0x00607a58 0x11400013
0x00607a5c 0x00000000
0x00607a60 0x8d4d0490
0x00607a64 0x24180002
0x00607a68 0x15b8000f
0x00607a6c 0x00000000
0x00607a70 0x3c0f0891
0x00607a74 0x3c0eae00
0x00607a78 0x35ce04b8
0x00607a7c 0xadee4128
0x00607a80 0xad090000
0x00607a84 0x8d290000
0x00607a88 0x0e245038
0x00607a8c 0x25240000
0x00607a90 0x3c0d08e3
0x00607a94 0x8dac0000
0x00607a98 0x25ab8758
0x00607a9c 0x558bffed
0x00607aa0 0x25890004
0x00607aa4 0xada00000
0x00607aa8 0x8fbf0010
0x00607aac 0x8fa4000c
0x00607ab0 0x03e00008
0x00607ab4 0x27bd0010

#Pandora's Gift
;Promotes trf for primary weapon
;use player options to switch weapons
;fast healing
0x088fd93c 0x0e380c00
0x08e03000 0x27bdffe0
0x08e03004 0xafa4000c
0x08e03008 0xafbf0010
0x08e0300c 0x3c1908e3
0x08e03010 0x8f3986dc
0x08e03014 0x0e244f4d
0x08e03018 0x27240000
0x08e0301c 0x8fbf0010
0x08e03020 0x8fa4000c
0x08e03024 0x03e00008
0x08e03028 0x27bd0020

#Tele to spawn points
;select to tele or respawn
0x088fd944 0x0e380c0b
0x08e0302c 0x27bdfff0
0x08e03030 0xafa4000c
0x08e03034 0xafbf0010
0x08e03038 0x3c1908dd
0x08e0303c 0x8f393068
0x08e03040 0x240f0001
0x08e03044 0x172f0005
0x08e03048 0x00000000
0x08e0304c 0x3c1808e3
0x08e03050 0x8f1886dc
0x08e03054 0x0e25f893
0x08e03058 0x27040000
0x08e0305c 0x8fbf0010
0x08e03060 0x8fa4000c
0x08e03064 0x03e00008
0x08e03068 0x27bd0010

#Real Ghost
;Credz Notoriouz420
0x0012A628 0x03E00008
0x00113B74 0x03E00008

#Universal True RapidFire
;made by admemtwar
0x0020C940 0xAE080230
0x0020C944 0xAE080278

#Universal Auto TRF
;made by admemtwar
0x0020CB68 0x20000008

#Universal Rapid Fire
;made by admemtwar
0x0020C944 0xAE080278

#Universal Superfire
;made by admemtwar
0x0020CB6C 0xAE0001E8

#Universal Explosives
;made by admemtwar
0x0020C944 0x3C08C77A
0x0020C948 0x3508845C
0x0020C94C 0x3C090001
0x0020C950 0x35290000
0x0020C954 0xAE0801FC
0x0020C958 0xAE090228

#Universal Nade Launchers
;made by admemtwar
0x0020C944 0x3C089815
0x0020C948 0x35086AD4
0x0020C94C 0x3C090001
0x0020C950 0x35290000
0x0020C954 0xAE0801FC
0x0020C958 0xAE090228

ULUS-10141 Medal of Honor Heroes

#Tracker Nades/RPG
;All grenades/ rockets you shoot teleport to enemys...
;Creds to DF CHiN aka Jadyn
0x00000098 0x0A200200
0x00000800 0x3C080880
0x00000804 0x8D0907F0
0x00000808 0x1D200006
0x00000810 0x3C0A0880
0x00000814 0x3C0B08D8
0x00000818 0x356B3620
0x0000081C 0xAD4B07F0
0x00000820 0x03E00008
0x00000824 0x3C080880
0x00000828 0x8D0907F0
0x0000082C 0x340A0004
0x00000830 0x012A5820
0x00000834 0xAD0B07F0
0x00000838 0x3C0C08D8
0x0000083C 0x358C3698
0x00000840 0x018B682B
0x00000844 0x1DA00003
0x0000084C 0x10000005
0x00000854 0x3C0E0880
0x00000858 0x3C0F08D8
0x0000085C 0x35EF3620
0x00000860 0xADCF07F0
0x00000864 0x03E00008
0x0017A8D4 0x0A200224
0x00000890 0x3C080880
0x00000894 0x8D0807F0
0x00000898 0x8D090000
0x0000089C 0x340A0000
0x000008A0 0x112A000A
0x000008A8 0x3C0B0880
0x000008AC 0x8D6B07F0
0x000008B0 0x8D650000
0x000008B4 0x02202025
0x000008B8 0xD8A00070
0x000008BC 0xFA200060
0x000008C0 0x0E25EB69
0x000008C8 0x10000005
0x000008D0 0x3C0F0880
0x000008D4 0x3C1808D8
0x000008D8 0x37183620
0x000008DC 0xADF807F0
0x000008E0 0x0A25EA37

#Real Anti-Kick
;Made by DF Chin aka Jadyn
0x0011CEA0 0x34050000

#Inf health / Ghost
;Credz Notoriouz420
0x00107ea8 0x03e00008
0x0011cfb4 0x03e00008
0x00107f90 0x03e00008

#Enemy Suicide
;Made by DF Chin aka Jadyn
;To use you need to type this value:
;At this address:
;In the decoder, but to do that you need coderPR
0x00173794 0x0A200200
0x00000800 0x3C080880
0x00000804 0x8D0907F0
0x00000808 0xAD1F07F0
0x0000080C 0x3C0808D8
0x00000814 0x10800008
0x0000081C 0x34050200
0x00000820 0x0E240AF7
0x00000824 0x34050200
0x00000828 0x3C080880
0x0000082C 0x8D1F07F0
0x00000830 0x1000000C
0x00000838 0x3C0A0880
0x0000083C 0x3C0B8D04
0x00000840 0x356B3620
0x00000844 0xAD4B0810
0x00000848 0x3C080880
0x0000084C 0x8D1F07F0
0x00000850 0x10000004
0x00000854 0x00000000
0x00000858 0x03E00008
0x0000085C 0x00000000
0x00000860 0x00000000
0x00000864 0x3C0D0880
0x00000868 0x8DAE0810
0x0000086C 0x340F0004
0x00000870 0x01CF6020
0x00000874 0xADAC0810
0x00000878 0x03E00008
0x00000898 0x00000000

#Spawn Demon
;Deathmatch Only
0x00167584 0x03e00008 ;No Respawn Credit Sgt.Biz
0x001d4278 0x20000008 ;Auto TRF Credit Admentwar

0x00169b08 0x3d88

#Crazy Rockets
;Credits Pspmodandcfw
;A Console Coding Hack
;Credits Forced
0x003D01F4 0x0A383AF3
0x0060EBC0 0x6D707350
0x0060EBC4 0x6E61646F
0x0060EBC8 0x77666364
0x0060EBCC 0x3C1908E1
0x0060EBD0 0x8F38EBC0
0x0060EBD4 0x3C0F6D70
0x0060EBD8 0x35EF7350
0x0060EBDC 0x170F001B
0x0060EBE0 0x8F2EEBC4
0x0060EBE4 0x3C0D6E61
0x0060EBE8 0x35AD646F
0x0060EBEC 0x15CD0017
0x0060EBF0 0x8F2CEBC8
0x0060EBF4 0x3C0B7766
0x0060EBF8 0x356B6364
0x0060EBFC 0x158B0013
0x0060EC00 0x3C1908D9
0x0060EC04 0x8F393A10
0x0060EC08 0x8F38001C
0x0060EC0C 0x1300000E
0x0060EC10 0x3C0F0001
0x0060EC14 0x35EF0000
0x0060EC18 0xAF0F01E8
0x0060EC1C 0x240EFFFF
0x0060EC20 0xAF0E022C
0x0060EC24 0x3C0E3EA1
0x0060EC28 0x35AD42B3
0x0060EC2C 0xAF0D01F4
0x0060EC30 0x3C0C3F01
0x0060EC34 0x358C632C
0x0060EC38 0xAF0C0208
0x0060EC3C 0x3C0B0101
0x0060EC40 0x358C0010
0x0060EC44 0xAF0C021C
0x0060EC48 0x03E00008

;Set cheat hz-15
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0058361C
0x000004C4 0x23100000

#Grenade Launchers
;A Console Coding Hack
0x00060414 0x0A383700
0x0060DC00 0x3C1908D9
0x0060DC04 0x8F393A10
0x0060DC08 0x8F38001C
0x0060DC0C 0x1300000A
0x0060DC10 0x240F0000
0x0060DC14 0xAF0F01E8
0x0060DC18 0x3C0EE196
0x0060DC1C 0x35CE20AF
0x0060DC20 0xAF0E01F8
0x0060DC24 0x3C0D0001
0x0060DC28 0x35AD0000
0x0060DC2C 0xAF0D0224
0x0060DC30 0x240CFFFF
0x0060DC34 0xAF0C022C
0x0060DC38 0x03E00008

#Uni Airstrike
;by RTCFlash
;cheat hz 15/1000
0x000001F8 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00000E88 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00001B18 0xFFFFFFFF
0x000027A8 0xFFFFFFFF
0x00003438 0xFFFFFFFF
0x0000023C 0x00010000
0x00000ECC 0x00010000
0x00001B5C 0x00010000
0x000027EC 0x00010000
0x0000347C 0x00010000
0x0000027C 0x00420006
0x00000F0C 0x00420006
0x00001B9C 0x00420006
0x0000282C 0x00420006
0x000034BC 0x00420006
0x00000234 0x01010000
0x00000EC4 0x01010000
0x00001B54 0x01010000
0x000027E4 0x01010000
0x00003474 0x01010000
0x00000218 0x3EF90000
0x00000EA8 0x3EF90000
0x00001B38 0x3EF90000
0x000027C8 0x3EF90000
0x00003458 0x3EF90000
0x00000208 0xBC289EAE
0x00000E98 0xBC289EAE
0x00001B28 0xBC289EAE
0x000027B8 0xBC289EAE
0x00003448 0xBC289EAE
0x00000204 0x3EF00000
0x00000E94 0x3EF00000
0x00001B24 0x3EF00000
0x000027B4 0x3EF00000
0x00003444 0x3EF00000
0x00000664 0x01010000
0x000012F4 0x01010000
0x00001F84 0x01010000
0x00002C14 0x01010000
0x000038A4 0x01010000
0x00000648 0x3EF90000
0x000012D8 0x3EF90000
0x00001F68 0x3EF90000
0x00002BF8 0x3EF90000
0x00003888 0x3EF90000
0x00000638 0xBC289EAE
0x000012C8 0xBC289EAE
0x00001F58 0xBC289EAE
0x00002BE8 0xBC289EAE
0x00003878 0xBC289EAE
0x00000634 0x3EF00000
0x000012C4 0x3EF00000
0x00001F54 0x3EF00000
0x00002BE4 0x3EF00000
0x00003874 0x3EF00000
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Most Destructive Codes for MOH Series
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