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 Black Ops Maps

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PostSubject: Black Ops Maps   Sun Jan 09, 2011 6:55 pm


Array is one of the largest maps on black ops. The climate is snowy and a lot of hills. This map is usually a black ops favorite next to Nuke Town. Array is proably the best map for people who use snipers, crossbows, and other long-range weapons. The gigantic satellite dishes in the middle of the maps are always a popular area to fight over, and also the tower on the other side of the map for snipers.


Cracked is probaby the most unique map added. Cracked takes place in an old town set in Vietnam. There are loads of Close quarters combat and rooms to fight over. This map is very popular for Wager Matches. Even though cracked isnt played much, it has a great chance of becoming a favorite of fans.


Crisis is located in Cuba and is a Cuban Missle base during the Cold War. This one of the most popular an preferred maps for Search and Destroy. Despite being a large map, the action here can be exciting at times. Crisis consists of indoor and outdoor locations. Because of most of the trees and vegitation, This can be on of the most challegning maps to shoot down aircraft, unless you have an active SAM Turret placed.

Firing Range

Firing Range is a Military Practice Facility located in Cuba again. This is one of the smaller maps on black ops. Despite being a small map, Firing Range can be one of the most challenging maps in the game. This map consists of close quarters combat and lots of buildings to fight over. With too many players, spawn killing can happen. This map is a good map for Free-For-All and Clan Matches as well.


Grid takes place in Siberia, Russia and is what looks like to be sn intelligence station. Just like Array, this is one of the snowiest maps. Grid is a unique map because of its shape. The map is literally, a square. Because this is one of the smaller maps on black ops, there can be hectic fighting.


Hanoi is a prison facility and is either a popular map, or a hated map. Hanoi takes place during the night, so it is almost impossible to shoot down enemy aircraft, unless you have a SAM Turret. The entire map is fenced in and can be a favorite map for campers as well. Sometimes you may find that people will plant claymores and c4 throughout the map because of the variety of camping there is.


Havana takes place in an urban Cuban city. Havana is one of the smaller maps on black ops. Consisting of streets and urban buildings, it does take a lot of skill for this map. This can be a popular map for Sticks and Stones and One in the Champer. Very Popular Map.


Jungle is a pretty slef-explanitory map. Set in a tropical forest in Vietnam, this map is a huge fan-favorite. This map is a good map for people who like shotguns, assault rifles, and sub machine guns. There can be some close quarters combat, and some long range fighting as well.


Launch takes place in the Soviet Union. Launch is a medium sized map, and because of that, spawning can be terrible. The unique feature of Launch is the rocket. In the middle of the game you will hear a man talking on an intercom. After you hear that, thats the signal for te rocket to take off. Anybody who goes under the rocket will die from the afterburners of the rocket. This map can be a very bad map for RC-XD cars because of all the obsticles and things located in the map.

Nuke Town

Nuketown is probably the most prefered map by all players on Black Ops. Nuketown is the smallest map on black ops, so that means that there is tons to close quarters battle. After each match, there is a nuclear explosion that goes on in the background. Nuke Town features mannequins throughout the map. Beginners will tend to shoot at the mannequins by thinking they are the enemy. Treyarch has informed the community that if all the heads are shot off from he mannequins, something unexpected will happen. If you see a person trying to do this, i would reccommend not shooting them. Very good map overall.


Radiation is set in an abandoned power station. This map is another interactive map. There is a set of trap doors located right in the center fot the map. Players will consitently fight over the panles that can open or close the doors. The panels are located on both sides of the map. You will also find that people will camp by the Control Panel. Radiation is a fast-paced map and is very popular.


Summit is another snowy map. It takes place in Siberia, Russia. in the center of the map, there is a larger building that is popular to fight over. Headquarters does a great job soreading action throughout the map. This map can be a short range, and long range map. On the side of the map there is a small trail that is popular for glitchers. You will find experienced players hiding in the red cable car on the side, and the tower by the cable car. Overall a very good map and suitable for all players.

To get on the cable car, you must have a pistol out so you can run full speed. Run as fast as you can to the car and jump at the last second.


Vila is a medium sized map located in a Cuban Estate. The most popualr area, is the fountatain located in the middle. This can be a popular map for Capture the Flag. This map consits of building that players will fight over, and a lot of cose quarters battle. I recommened a Sub-machine gun, or an assault rifle for this map.


WMD (Waste Management Disposal) is a Soviet map that is an abandoned Waste Disposal Facility. WMD is great for clan battles, and wager matches as well. WMD is a medium sized map, so there can be lots os fighting. There are buildings that snipers will tend to fight over frequently. The setting is a snowy landscape map. This can be a fna-fovrite map to experienced players.

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Black Ops Maps
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