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 Weapon Attachments

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PostSubject: Weapon Attachments   Sat Jan 08, 2011 6:44 pm

Extended Mag

Larger Magazine

1000 cP

Dual Mag

Attach a second mag, making reloading quicker

1000 cP

ACOG Sight

Enhanced zoom scope, recommended for assault rifles

1000 cP

Red Dot Sight

Replaces the iron sight with a red dot, basically a screen with a red dot in the middle

1000 cP

Reflex Sight

Almost the same thing as the Red Dot Sight, just shaped more like a scope

1000 cP

An Underbarrel Shotgun

1000 cP


An underbarrel flamethrower

1000 cP

Infrared Scope

Enhanced zoom, replaces the thermal scope from Modern Warfare 2. Shows signs of infrared on other players.

2000 cP


Makes you invisible on radar when shooting, reduces muzzle flash, and silences your weapon. Can only be heard if you're within close range.

2000 cP

Grenade Launcher

An underbarrel grenade launcher. Explodes on impact.

3000 cP

Rapid Fire

Increases the Rate of Fire on your weapon.

3000 cP
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Weapon Attachments
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